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Aerial Straps

Club Passing


Circuspedagogical Projects

Further Educations, also for adults

Previous Projects



Organisational management of the Circus of Lower Saxony (Circ'A Holix) - Planning performances/ training camps/ tour management

Instructor for Circus Arts in schools, workshops and projects since 2008


Foreign Countries:

2018 Performance at the Israeli Juggling Convention, Israel

2017 Performance at the Delhi International Children's Festival, India

2017 Performance in the show 'It were the mistakes that made us famous' by Dick Hauser

2016 Performances at circus festival Brocante, Frisanco, Italy

2016 Performance in the show 'Life' by Roberto Magro

2014 Performing and teaching at circus project in Natiro, Tanzania


2014 Performing at International Circus Project London, GB


2013 Performing and teaching at the 1st International Circusfestival in Caruaru, Brazil


2012 Organisational Management and teaching Circus Project Zimbabwe


2012 Participation at workshop for Circus Leader - Rigging, safety and spotting in Hollola, Finland


2011 Organisational Management for German Circus Group at 11th International Childrens Festival of Performing Arts, Delhi, India


2011 Two months of project work teaching circus to kids in India, Festivals in Mumbai & Surat


2011 Performing at Festival Melle en Scene, France


2010 Performing and teaching at International Circus and Exchange Project Casablanca, Morocco


2007 Performing at 8th International Childrens Festival of Performing Arts, Delhi, India



Circus Background

2013 – now Member of Triolar, female club passing trio

2018 Rigging Licence Basic Entertainment Rigging


2013 - 2017 Circus school Codarts - Hogeschool voor de kunsten in Rotterdam, Netherlands


2012 Teacher Further Education for Circus Pedagogy; Aerials


2011 - 2012 Further Education for Circus Pedagogy (Part II) at Zirkus- und Artistikzentrum Cologne, Germany


2011 Organisational Management Performance Project `mnemo´


2010 - 2012 Circus of North Rhine-Westphalia


2008 - 2009 Further Education for Circus Pedagogy (Part I) at Zirkus- und Artistikzentrum Cologne, Germany


2006 - 2012 Circus of Lower Saxony Circ' A Holix


2002 - 2010 Children and Youth Circus Barsinghausen (KiJuCiBa), Germany

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